Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms And Conditions
AFROSPiCE CC : Standard Terms and Conditions of Business:

T&C’s for Essential Products

Branded and unbranded items

  • Artwork – 24-48 hours • Sampling will be done electronically • Sampling lead time 3-5 working days from artwork approval • Bulk production – 10-20 working days from sample approval • Sampling fee of R500.00 per sample to be added plus courier fees to send the sample over to you
    Sample fee to be credited if order of 5000 and above is placed • NO FREE SAMPLES • Branding on certain orders is unavailable during lockdown.
  • Unbranded orders will take approximately 5-7 working depending on stock availability

    Minimum quantities & stock availability
  • Minimum quantities will apply to certain items • Stock per items may vary and can be confirmed at the point of quoting

  • Terms are strictly Upfront Payment When placing Order, and only EFT payments are accepted • Orders will only be processed once paid in full (please send payment confirmation to info@afrospice.co.za). No credit terms are available for orders supplied during lockdown • All orders are to be dispatched direct-to-customers
  • Delivery Fee: a sales consultant will confirm the delivery fee per order and the order will be updated with this charge accordingly; charges will vary based on the value of the order with a minimum charge of R 400 excl VAT. • No goods invoiced during this period will be accepted for return and credit at any stage.
  • Estimates exclude courier costs. 
  • Estimates are valid for 30 days only, after which all pricing will be subject to market fluctuations, exchange rates and availability.
  • Projects are forwarded to studio only once proof of payment is received. Delaying this process, after time-lines are established, will impact on deadlines & costs. 
  • Where projects are put on hold pending payments and credit approval, timelines must be established only after this is done. 
  • In a case where the client prolongs a project, and exceeds the project deadline date by more than 2 weeks, AFROSPICE CC reserves the right to bill the Client for services rendered. 
  • Additional services (copies of files in .pdf and .jpg formats etc ), will be for the Client’s account. 
  • Urgent Work (to be determined at onset) will constitute a loading fee based on a percentage % of the projects value. 
  • Should, the Client choose to discontinue or put on hold, any project after conceptual & creative work has begun, a cancellation fee or pro-rata fee for work completed, determined by AFROSPICE CC, based on estimates and expenses incurred, shall become payable immediately by the Client. All creative rights to such works subsists with AFROSPICE CC. Any attempt by the Client to utilise such material, will render the final amount payable to AFROSPICE CC. AFROSPICE CC retains ownership of any work until full payments have been received.
  • All preliminary work and concepts leading up to the final product remains the property of AFROSPICE CC, as development is the process to the final product and a Client is quoted for the final product. 
  • For all other work except logos : one-time, limited usage rights for the specified project, at the agreed fee, are granted to the client. Further usage must be negotiated, and will attract a fee dependent on media and exposure 
  • AFROSPICE CC does not release editable files to a Client as this is the intellectual property of AFROSPICE CC. All reproduction rights on projects created by  AFROSPICE CC are retained by AFROSPICE CC. Such works may not be modified, reproduced, transferred or adapted in any form. Further   usage must be negotiated in writing with AFROSPICE CC
  • AFROSPICE CC indemnifies itself against any copyright infringement or any other claims that may arise, where material is supplied by the Client for use in projects. 
  • The Client accepts full responsibility for accuracy and final sign-off of all material before going to print / publishing.
  • Where Trademarks and Logos are designed for a Client, the Client must make all arrangements to register such logos or trademarks, in
  • consultation with a trademark lawyer, with the necessary authorities. 
  • Amounts not settled within 30 days of invoice, will attract the maximum interest permissable. 
  • In the case of non-payment, the Client shall bear all costs, expenses and attorneys fees in any action brought about, to recover payment
  • AFROSPICE CC acts as an agent for certain goods and services, and will not entertain any claim on 3rd party goods & services provided. 
    AFROSPICE CC will furnish the Client, details of 3rd party, who will respond to queries. These queries must be lodged within 24 hours of delivery of final product 
  • Items listed on the Estimate are quoted as a package price. Should a Client choose to run only with certain elements of a quote, individual pricing will be affected, and the project must be requoted 
  • AFROSPICE CC reserves the right to include its trademark and logo on work done for a Client, and to utilise such work as part of a portfolio, for advertising and promotion, and to enter such work into industry related competitions

This warranty statement applies exclusively to products printed and installed by AFROSPICE CC.

  • AFROSPICE CC offers a 24 month in-house warranty on all vehicle wrap and vehicle graphics products.
  • AFROSPICE CC can and will not accept liability for any damage or loss whatsoever incurred to and out of vehicles being branded, stored, moved   cleaned or delivered. The responsibility rests with the Client and owner of the vehicle to ensure that necessary insurances are taken to safeguard against such situations.
  • AFROSPICE CC reserves the right to extend installation times and dates due to un-forseen circumstances that may occur. AFROSPICE CC cannot and will not accept responsibility for any claim that may arise out of a vehicle not being completed on a pre-agreed date and   where a vehicle is moved pre-maturely out of installation due to time-delays.
  • In case of a warrantable failure, AFROSPICE CC responsibility is limited solely to, at its option, repairing or replacing the defective wrap or parts of the wrap and is strictly limited to repair at AFROSPICE CC Graphics facility.
  • Materials used in warranty repairs will carry the same warranty coverage as the materials they replace, but the expiration dates will be the
  • same as those of the original materials.
  • This warranty does not cover damage to the wrap or graphics due to negligence, misuse, accidents, road damage, fair wear and tear,
  • pressure cleaning, scrubbing, use of abrasive cleaning chemicals on or around the wrapped surfaces, ingress of ; oil, grease, petrol or diesel products into, onto and behind the branding.
  • This warranty does not cover failures due to pre-existing damage to vehicles like rust, poor paintwork, flaking paint etc.
  • This process of wrapping requires that a blade be run gently on the surface of the vinyl to separate the excess away from the vehicle. Minimal marking will occur on the vehicle and where the paint is very applied very thin (during manufacture / respray) the blade will penetrate to the metal surface. Installers will exercise care when doing the wrap but no warranty is offered or implied here in respect of paint failure and rusting caused by cutting. 
  • This warranty does not cover a failure in the event that the client chooses to keep any/all emblems on a vehicle and to have them wrapped over.
  • All claims must be made within 24 hours of the failure, and repairs must be done immediately to prevent further degeneration. 
  • This warranty is the sole warranty made by AFROSPICE CC in regards to our vehicle wrap products and AFROSPICE CC makes no other warranties expressed or implied.


  • Prices exclude vat, unless otherwise stated
  • Prices exclude artwork and setup cost @ R450 per promo item. 
  • Screen Printed and Pad printed Items that exceed 1 colour will attract a further setup cost of XXXXX per colour 
  • For Calendars : Prices exclude artwork and setup cost @ R450 per calendar. Paper: 170gsm satin.
  • 50% Deposit on confirmation of quote, balance on sign-off of final proof, prior to printing.
  • Payment: Cash, Bank Guaranteed Cheque or EFT. Proof of payment must be provided, via fax, e-mail or Original Bank Slip 
  • Banking details will be forwarded through to you once we receive your authorised quote.
  • Actual products may differ slightly from the reproduction in this advert.
  • Turnaround: 10-15 working days.
  • E&OE

  • AFROSPICE CC will repair or replace, at its discretion, products that fail to function due to defective manufacture, materials or workmanship for a period of 90 days from date of purchase. 


  • Damage due to vandalism, theft, fire, natural disasters, or losses in shipment may be covered by the Client’s insurance and / or common carrier. Please check these resources prior to calling AFROSPICE CC.
  • Damage to laminated surfaces.
  • Damage incurred to indoor systems ; rollable graphic panels due to mishandling, folding, creasing, rolling too tightly, packing or shipping, piercing outdoor use, exposure to extreme temperatures, wind and rain.
  • Damage incurred to printed materials ; due to mishandling, abrasion or tearing, repacking, piercing or during shipment.
  • Damage incurred to outdoor systems ; rollable and rotating mechanisms, mishandling, folding, creasing, rolling too tightly, packing, shipping, piercing and exposure to extreme temperatures, wind and rain. 
  • Consequential Expenses: Economic losses, including personal time and inconvenience.
  • Due to a process of continuous improvement, products are sometimes modified or discontinued by our suppliers. No warranty is offered or implied onproducts that change in design, where parts and accessories are no longer available.

    Chargeable Repairs:
  • Items not covered by warranty may be repaired / replaced at a reasonable cost that is agreed to in advance between the Client and AFROSPICE CC.
  • Transport and Courier Costs during and after warranty period will be at the cost of the Client. The Client must arrange to have the item dropped off at and   picked up from AFROSPICE CC.


  • Artwork must be supplied in one of the following formats:
  • Layouts:
  • .pdf or 
  • FREEHAND MX (.fhmx) or
  • Illustrator (.ai) or
  • Images:
  • jpg or .tif (300dpi at actual size to be reproduced at) or 

  • Any artwork needing redraw, setup, re-design or enhancement will attract repro costs @ R450/hr
  • Open files in Illustrator or FREEHAND MX must be supplied with fonts or fonts must be converted to paths.
  • For any other info not clarified above call our studio